Visiting family? Take your medical alert with you!


Flexibility is a big part of the service we provide. Many of our customers are snow birds, who will be packing their bags soon and moving south for the winter. And all of our customers cherish visiting and staying with friends and family no matter what time of year. Retirement isn’t always as relaxing as it’s cracked up to be – especially these days. Traveling, visiting family and relaxing elsewhere can be as important as ever during your golden years. Because of that… We designed our GET HELP NOW service so that it doesn’t get in the way of your life. When you feel the need to pack up and go, we want to be right there with you. That’s why we make relocating your service to a new address as easy as possible!

To change your address, you’ll simply pack up your GET HELP NOW system (Don’t forget your help button!) and take it with you. When you arrive at the new address, give us a call and we’ll take all the information we need to cover you at that location! We’ll then have you set up the system there and run a quick test. If you have any questions about unplugging the system at the original location or setting it up at the new address, all you have to do is call 1-888-473-2800. We’re happy to help!

Using our mobile GPS system? While you’re able to get help wherever you are, it’s still important to call us to update your information when staying at another address!

Why are GPS Breadcrumbs so important?

One of the biggest differences from one mobile GPS service to the next is whether or not it utilizes “breadcrumbs.” Many people make their decision on price alone and will never know what breadcrumbs are or why they are so important to a mobile service. Turns out that if a company doesn’t offer breadcrumbs with their service, it’s not in their best interest to tell you what you’re missing…

So what are breadcrumbs and why are they so important? As you know, mobile medical alerts use GPS technology to help locate you during an emergency.  You may or may not have an idea of exactly how accurate this GPS location is though. In some cases the GPS location will be spot on, and in others it could be up to 100 yards away from your actual location. Regardless of whether other providers tell you this information, it is the same for ALL mobile GPS providers. More data becomes incredibly helpful because of this potential difference in the GPS location reported and your actual location. This is where breadcrumbs come in… Breadcrumbs help by creating a trail of where you’ve been by pinging your GPS location every 15 minutes. By having this breadcrumb trail, it is easier for our operators to confirm your location during an emergency and get you help. This trail also helps in situations where your GPS location isn’t available. It is possible for your mobile GPS system to place an emergency call to the monitoring center even if it is unable to connect with satellites to retrieve your GPS location. Rather than only having your verbal description of your location to go by, breadcrumbs will provide our operators with this invaluable GPS trail!

More data is so important when it comes to protecting your health and safety while “on the go”.  Because of this, we recommend choosing a mobile GPS (like ours!) that offers their service with breadcrumb technology. We really hope this helps with your search for the right mobile system!

One Step Set-Up with our Cellular System

For so many of our senior customers, ease of use is an important part of their long-term success with their medical alert. Once set up, all of our in-home systems are incredibly user-friendly – even for seniors as they age. But sometimes seniors need a little more help getting things set up in their home. Details like moving furniture or unwinding a mess of cords to access their phone jack can be tough. Even just locating the working phone jack or dealing with the cable modem can become problematic for some. And when a senior moves around a lot or needs to relocate their system in the home, setting everything up again can present the same problems all over again.

While all of our medical alerts for seniors are easy to plug in and come with straightforward set-up instructions, our cellular system easily surpasses the rest. It operates off a 3G cellular signal, which makes it so that you won’t have to fuss with home phone jacks or modems at all (you don’t even need to have a home telephone service!). It truly is a one-step set-up. All you have to do is plug the medical alert base station into the electricity and the system will tell you if it is receiving a good signal there. So if your loved one moves around a lot or needs to plug in their system by themselves, we recommend our cellular system. It makes set-up even easier than before!

Setting Up our Cellular System is Easy!

Fall Alert Systems – Now Available!

The term “fall detection” is on the tip of everyone’s tongues these days. These systems truly are life-savers for seniors with specific conditions. That’s why we’re so happy to announce that we are now offering our fall alert system – incorporating the best in fall detection technology with the same great Senior Safety customer service that all seniors deserve. This system comes with a special fall alert button, designed to recognize when you fall based on your movement and momentum.

While useful for some, this specialized system is not a must have for every senior. In fact, our advanced system works best for most. That said, there are many seniors who need the added protection that a fall detection type system provides. These seniors have a history of strokes, fainting, and other conditions where they might not be able to press their help button during an emergency. By incorporating our fall alert system into their safety plan, they increase their chances of getting the help they need when it matters the most. Fall alert systems also work well for seniors who have developed a fear of falling. Just wearing this specialized button gives these seniors great confidence and peace of mind.

You can learn even more about our fall alert systems here. Interested in this system for yourself or your loved one? Give us a call. We’d be happy to share information and help with your order.

Mobile GPS Systems – Now Available!

Mobile Button with Flowers

The whole Senior Safety Team was excited to launch our mobile GPS system this past week. We’ve always said that everyone is different; What works for one senior may not be the best for another. And now, with this mobile GPS medical alert available, we truly have a system for everyone! Mobile GPS is great for active seniors. These are seniors who leave the house daily for longer periods of time. They sometimes go out alone and want to be protected while driving, buying groceries, exercising and more.

As happy as we are to start offering this service… We’re so proud to offer mobile GPS to you without a long-term contract! Most companies lock you in. At best they’ll let you cancel in the middle of your term without a refund. With us it’s different! You can cancel your mobile GPS service at anytime and receive a refund for any unused months. Now that’s a RISK FREE service! Interested in our mobile GPS system? Give us a call. We’d be happy to share information or help you with your order…

Comparing *Life Alert ® and GET HELP NOW Systems

It’s important when searching for a system for your senior loved one to research beyond the names you see on the TV or in magazines. While that advertising money might mean that they are one of the largest providers, it does not automatically make them the best fit for your mom’s situation. Nowadays, everyone has heard of Life Alert. They are a household name like Kleenex or Coke, and Life Alert for medical alert systems. Life Alert’s medical alerts are often compared to Senior Safety’s GET HELP NOW systems. Life Alert cost varies starting at $29.95 per month for the basic program that requires a 3 year contract; you can also add more features to your order as needed and pay more monthly… Our cost for our basic system is $24.95 per month with no long term contracts. Plus, you can cancel at anytime! Most people consider our GET HELP NOW service to be one of the best alternatives to a Life Alert System.

We take great pride in our caring Customer Service (truly the most important part of any senior monitoring service). Often we spend more than an hour helping our clients out over the phone… we take all the time they need. It’s clear to us that as age creeps up on us, sometimes we need a little more caring help… someone to listen to you. But don’t take it from me, if you are curious about any company’s record (including our own!), we suggest typing their name and “complaints” into Google… like “Senior Safety Complaints,” “Life Alert Complaints,” etc.

While Life Alert provides good equipment and monitoring, their 3 year contract is cumbersome and unnecessary for most seniors’ situations. Considering the number of solid alternatives available, I’d recommend researching a good amount before signing up for ANY medical alert service.

* Life Alert ® is a registered trademark of Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc.

There’s a lot of different terminology to learn when choosing a senior alert system. One excellent example is “waterproof” versus “water-resistant” help buttons. What do these terms mean? They seem awfully similar to someone who is unfamiliar with systems like this. Ultimately, we recommend that seniors and their families look for systems that come with waterproof buttons. Waterproof means that your button can be worn in the shower or tub, while washing your hands, while watering the garden, or while standing in your yard in the rain. A waterproof button can even be fully submerged while bathing. As the name suggests, water-resistant buttons are designed to also resist water. With these buttons you won’t have to worry about accidentally getting the button wet, but you won’t be empowered to submerge the button when needed or hold the button under fast running water. Seniors with water-resistant buttons have to take them off before entering the shower or tub.

No matter what system you choose,  GET HELP NOW buttons are waterproof. This is very important because many falls happen when seniors are showering or bathing. You need an alert button that you can wear while bathing every single day and simply not worry about it. That way, when you get out of the shower you are already wearing your button – no more forgetting to put it back on and going about your day unprotected! It’s funny how little details like this can mean such a big difference in the life of your loved one…

Some people shop for a medical alert service like they would for any other service provider (for a cable provider, cell phone provider, etc). While the similarities certainly are there, finding the right medical alert provider for your senior loved one is a unique challenge. At Senior Safety, we believe that compassion is a crucial ingredient to any solid service for seniors.  You may have heard us talk about how our service is Risk-Free. We feel that offering our service without long-term contracts, without cancellation fees, and with a  flexible policies like a 30 day money back guarantee reflects our compassion for our customer base! We know firsthand how a senior’s situation can change quickly. With our Risk-Free policies, you don’t stand to lose out big time if mom’s situation were to change early on in her service. And if she makes it passed the 30 day mark and no longer needs the service, you can still cancel at anytime! We even prorate mom’s monitoring fees . We’ll get you any unused months back.

But enough about policies and offerings, once you are our customer you’ll see firsthand how warm and caring our customer service and monitoring truly is! We know that treating our customers with the respect they deserve helps them like their medical alert more, and directly leads to them keeping the service and using their help button longer… So when searching for a senior monitor for mom or dad, remember to look for a caring, compassionate service!

After weeks of researching, you’ve finally settled on a solid company for mom’s senior monitoring system. You order the system, it ships out and you even help mom set it up. You and mom follow the directions line for line testing  the system’s range and everything. It works just fine, and you’re done. But, like many families out there, you may be left wondering “Okay, what’s next?”… There are a number of things that you can do to optimize mom’s use of her new medical alert and make sure it is always working. Unfortunately, some families simply plug in, test the new system and leave their parent on their own without considering how their long-term involvement can be helpful. Here are a few simple ways that you can help mom out even after her system is set up:

1. Working the Help Button into Mom’s Routine – It’s great that mom now has a GET HELP NOW system in her home, but is she wearing her help button? If mom regularly neglects to wear it and has a fall without her button on, the system won’t do her any good. For the first few weeks that mom has her system, it’s important to make sure that she is successfully wearing her help button on a daily basis. For kids that live far away from their senior parent, this can simply be asking or reminding them over the phone. For those who live nearby, it’s even easier! It’s important for her to know that she can wear that button to bed, out in her yard and while bathing as well! So there is no time when mom is at home that she should have that button off.

2. Testing Mom’s System - No matter what company you choose, they will ask you to regularly test your mom’s medical alert. With our GET HELP NOW systems, we ask all of our customers to test once a month. This could be any day of the month – simply choose one that works for your mom and mark it on both her and your calendar! Testing is really simple. Mom will stand about 20 feet away from the speaker, and she’ll press her button. You and mom simply wait until an operator answers the call (which will take 20 to 30 seconds in most cases) and you’ll tell the operator that you’re just testing. Not only is this the only way to know 100% that mom’s system is working, it will help mom long-term by familiarizing her with the system. If she someday has a real emergency, she’ll  already know exactly how the system works.

Your new medical alert speaker’s range

Medical alerts are uniquely designed to cover entire homes (up to 10,000 square feet with our advanced system). Your system’s base station will have both a sensitive microphone and a loud speaker. Since most people are not familiar with systems like this, it is sometimes hard for them to grasp how their medical alert is going to cover the entire home without first setting it up and testing it. The base station will need to be set up in a central location of your home in order to optimize the range. But once it is set up you’ll be able to test the system in each room by performing a Walk Around Test.

During the Walk Around Test you will say “I’m in the living room” and the operator will confirm that they can hear you there: “I can hear you in the living room.” Then you proceed to the next room until you have explored and tested the entire house. The Walk Around Test is only for inside your home. While the operator will not be able to hear you outside in the yard, you will still be able to press your button to get help. You can test this range separately with the Pendant Distance Test.

What happens if you’re not able to hear the operator in one of the rooms? You can easily re-position your base station to a different location closer to that room and test again. One of our happy shiny team members would be happy to walk you through this process over the phone. Every home is different, and in some (depending on your home’s layout) you might not be able to hear the speaker in every single room. Even if you are not able to communicate with the operator during an emergency they are still able to get you help… All you have to do is press your button. Without communication, they will have to assume you are having an emergency, and they will dispatch your local paramedics immediately!