Searching for the right medical alert can be a confusing process. When it comes down to it, a good medical alert service is really about customer service. That’s the quality of service given by both the operators who respond to emergency calls & the customer service representatives that help you set up your account and keep your information up to date.

Wouldn’t it be great to know what it’s like to be a customer before you ever sign up? Don’t forget! The internet is teeming with reviews of these services & it only takes a few minutes to find them. It’s important to read customer reviews before signing up with any medical alert service… In fact, doing so can help you avoid common pitfalls like long-term contracts, difficult cancellation policies & even bad customer service. For the less tech-savvy among us, all you have to do is go to & type in the name of the company you are considering followed by “Complaints”. For example, if you were looking for customer testimonials on our service, you could search for “Senior Safety Complaints”. 

It’s important to realize that there are a lot of negative reviews on the internet. So it’s best to take what you read with a grain of salt. However… If a pattern emerges where multiple people are giving the same bad review (all having issues trying to cancel or frustrated by long-term contracts they weren’t aware of), you’ve come across very valuable information.

Finding the right medical alert the first time around can save you both time & money! We highly recommend taking a few minutes to see what previous customers have to say. You may just learn a thing or two in the process!

Your Medical Alert Order Helps Seniors Nationwide!

We’re so proud to run the Vial of Life Project, a 501 (c) 3 Public Charity, in our office. Everyday our team packs up life-saving medical information kits & mails them out (free of charge) to seniors across the country. These kits allow seniors & others in need to have their complete medical information ready for first responders during an emergency. When you sign up for a GET HELP NOW medical alert, we send you a Vial of Life kit with your order, and we donate 10 life-saving kits to others in need. This means your order is not only a positive step towards the safety of your loved one, it also helps keep other seniors safe.

These Vial of Life kits are a must for anyone who takes daily medications or has had a heart attack, stroke or falls. In fact, we recommend these kits to all seniors. If you know someone who would benefit from having the Vial of Life in their home, send them to where they can request their free kit today!

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Fall Alert for Only +$7/Month

A couple months back we launched our new fall alert- an add-on available with our advanced & cellular systems. This add-on is truly wonderful because it has helped us reduce the cost of our fall detection option. Now you can get fall alert protection in your home for only $7 more per month. This is excellent news for seniors who have a history of strokes, fainting or other conditions where they may not be able to press their button during an emergency. It’s true that fall alert systems are not for everyone, but they are a great option for seniors as they age. Think of this type of system as a tool in your tool kit. While most seniors do not need a fall alert system when they first start with a medical alert, many people age into needing more protection along the way. We’re proud to offer such an affordable & reliable fall alert option!

Providing Your Family Peace of Mind

“We didn’t need you a lot over the years, but when we did you were there! 
Peace of mind is your best ‘product’.”
-Laura S.

We have such wonderful customers, and we love hearing what they think about our service. Laura’s experience speaks to a larger point that I’d like to share today. Like any product, having accurate expectations when you sign up for our GET HELP NOW service or any medical alert is important. Most seniors do not use their medical alert button to get help any more than once or twice a year, but, when they do, that little button they wear can save their life. Like all companies in this industry, we’ve previously had customers cancel because their parent hadn’t yet had an emergency where they needed the service. As you probably already know, that logic just doesn’t work…

It’s important to value the reliability of a medical alert service over how often your loved one uses their button. These systems are there for those “once in a blue moon” emergency situations. We’re so happy to reliably be there for our customers, and we know our systems are crucial to their long-term success.

Laura has really hit the nail on the head here! No matter what type of system you’re looking for, our medical alerts truly are about the great Peace of Mind that they provide.

To learn more about our GET HELP NOW service, read more customer reviews here.


Staying Independent with a Medical Alert System

Senior Mowing Lawn

As seniors age, their independence can feel under threat by family discussions about assisted living or moving in with a loved one. A lot of seniors have spent many years in their house or apartment, have worked hard to make it a home and genuinely love living there. So these feelings are perfectly natural. Big changes like these are often met with hesitation and require time to adjust.

Unfortunately, sometimes conversations about medical alert systems are met with the same hesitation. That’s unfortunate because these systems are the perfect tool for keeping your independence longer. They keep you safe in the home you love and help you live there longer. They are a preventative step to make sure that IF you have a big fall or emergency you are able to get help. By getting help quickly, you’ll increase your chances of a full recovery and help prolong or prevent the need for assisted living later in life. While our Senior Safety team certainly understands resistance to change, we also understand how important these systems are to your ongoing health & happiness while living in that home that you love!

Most seniors recognize the importance of using a medical alert as they age. While these systems are an integral part of any solid safety plan, they are just one part. Whether you are one of our many happy GET HELP NOW customers or you’re with a different medical alert service, here are some important “next steps” to consider for your on-going safety:

1. Order and use a free Vial of Life kit - Having your medical history, list of medications, list of allergies & more immediately available to paramedics during an emergency can save your life! Order your free kit at and set it up in your home as soon as you can.

2. Expand your support network - Do you know your neighbors? Even if you choose not to have a neighbor on your medical alert’s list of responders, having someone nearby that you can rely on is important in many other situations. Coordinate with your support network to check in with you should a tornado watch, earthquake, power outage or heavy snow happen in your area.

3. Fall-proof your home - While this is smart for all seniors, it’s especially a must for those with a history of falling! Improve the lighting throughout your home, install handrails where needed, secure carpets, install non-slip strips to your stairs (available at the hardware store), and arrange your furniture to give adequate room for walking. Your medical alert is there just in case! But you can help prevent falls by being proactive. 

4. Continue to be adaptable - Our needs change as we age. Today you may be able to mow the lawn by yourself, but what about in two years? For your safety sake, it’s good to stay aware of your limitations and plan accordingly. Think of your home as adaptable too. If stepping in and out of the tub becomes challenging years down the road, consider installing a walk-in shower. Small improvements to make home more friendly can make your life much easier.

With 3 GET HELP NOW systems available, picking the right system for you can be a task. Yes, we stand by the fact that everyone’s situation is different and, ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what system is best for you or your family. But many seniors share the same basic needs when it comes to medical alert systems. So what works best for most seniors?

For most seniors, a solid in-home medical alert system is all you need. We offer a couple of options, but I recommend our cellular 3G system because it is the easiest for ALL seniors to set up, it’s the easiest to relocate should you need to be covered at a different address, and it doesn’t rely on other, unrelated parts working (your home phone line or cable modem) for a reliable connection. While your mother or father may have a home telephone line for now or may be technologically savvy today, this is a perfect system to grow old with…

Active & younger seniors who spend a lot of time outside their home alone (not in the grocery store, the mall or the movie theatre but truly alone – hiking, running errands at night or taking the dog for long walks) should consider a mobile GPS button for their protection. If you came to our site to learn about mobile GPS, we encourage you to read more about why our mobile medical alert is more reliable than other “low cost” solutions (here’s a hint: Breadcrumbs).

We wish you the best in your medical alert search! As always, if you have questions about what will work best for your loved one, give us a call at 1-888-473-2800!

On Aging, Pride and Medical Alerts

Compared to a good amount of our GET HELP NOW customers I’m a young guy. I am 67, and I use a medical alert button to protect my health. In fact I wear it with great pride. For me, like for many other senior citizens, this little button is a symbol that I don’t give up without a fight! Age is such a relative and individual thing. Perhaps somewhere there is an 85 year old who is healthier than I and, somewhere else, a 50 year old who needs a medical alert too.

These days I have trouble understanding the pride that can get in the way of a senior protecting themselves with a medical alert system in their home. The stigma that once existed of owning a help button is disappearing more and more as seniors realize how truly important these systems are to their longevity. Medical alert success stories are everywhere, and most seniors know at least one other person who has a system. To be honest… I’ve never understood the stigma. Owning a medical alert is not weakness; In my opinion, being able to acknowledge that you might need extra help sometimes is a sign of great strength in character!  

So don’t let misguided pride get in the way. Take it from me, it’s never too early to start protecting your health.

Jeff Miller writes about medical alerts


Because you can’t predict the future

How great would it be to be able to see into the future while planning your mother’s medical alert service? You’d know how many years she needs the system, where she’ll stay during that time and what type of phone service is available there. For many families a lot of these variables are unknown, but with our GET HELP NOW service that’s okay.

Should mom relocate to a new house or apartment or should she need to move in with a family member, her GET HELP NOW system is portable. All you’d do is bring the equipment and give us a call when she’s at the new address. We’ll get her account updated that same day. If you order our basic or advanced system today (both of which require a home telephone service) and mom moves to a location without a phone service, you can easily upgrade to a cellular 3G system to keep her protected. Check out our Home Phone Compatibility page for details on each system. It will take about 3 days for any upgrade shipment to arrive – so it’s always best to plan ahead!

We know that what a senior’s needs in a medical alert service can change in the span of a given year or even a few months. So if mom gets rid of her landline, needs the added protection of  our fall alert system or wants a different system for any reason, know that GET HELP NOW has you covered. Give us a call at 1-888-473-2800. We’ll discuss your upgrade options with you and make sure that your mom continues to have the best medical alert protection for her.

What is the Vial of Life?

We send a Vial of Life kit to all of our new customers with their order. This kit allows them to prepare and store their medical information to be better prepared for emergencies. Turns out, having basic medical information allows firefighters, paramedics & EMTs to do an even better job of treating a patient. They’ll know important information like your allergies, medical history and more, and all this information can save your life! So the Vial of Life very naturally goes hand-in-hand with our medical alert service…

The Vial of Life Project is a 501 (c) 3 Public Charity that we run out of our GET HELP NOW office. Seniors and others in need request these medical information kits online at, and we send their kit free of charge. In fact, we’re incredibly proud to have sent over 2 million kits to date! We’re all about safety – both in our medical alert service and this life-saving charity program. Even if you aren’t a GET HELP NOW customer, you can request a free Vial of Life kit today! We’ll send you 2 decals & a form. One decal will stick (at eye level) on your front door to alert first responders to the whereabouts of your medical information. Once you’ve completed the medical information form, simply fold it inside a plastic baggie, place the second decal on the bag & tape it to the front of your refrigerator. It’s simple to do, and instructions are included with your free kit! We want to help all seniors choose to protect themselves better with the Vial of Life!