Best Medical Alert Systems

There are a lot of added features available for different emergency alert systems that you find on the internet. Our customers tend to do best with a simple system though. The best medical alert systems are straightforward and easy for seniors to use. After all, if a system becomes to complex for someone to wrap [...]

I was speaking with someone the other day who had been searching online for the best medical alert systems for her mother who lives in New York.  She told me about a company she had been talking to that wasn’t available in the evenings or on weekends.  Another company put her on hold for over [...]

I talk to people each day across the country who are searching for the best rated medical alert systems.  As anyone can tell by doing a simple internet search, there are a plethora of companies selling medical alert systems. It’s easy to get lost trying to find the best rated medical alert systems for your [...]

Hi Jeff, I need to find one of the best medical alert systems service for my mother.  She has had a stroke and lives at home with my father.  My dad is very very hard of hearing, so when she fell in the shower today, he couldn’t hear her cries for help.  I need to [...]

We are in what’s being called the Information Revolution and most modern technology has surpassed our elderly generation. I often get asked if someone does purchase a medical alert system, is it difficult to set up? The answer is absolutely not! The setup for the medical alarm system is very simple. All that it involves [...]

Who has the best medical alert systems and more importantly representatives is easy to tell. Here is a simple test when you talk to their representatives. When it comes time that they ask you for the order after telling you about their monitoring system and medical alert service tell them that you want to think [...]

I have spent 29 years working with the elderly trying to remain independent in their own homes. By the way, I feel this is the best medicine you the caregiver can offer your loved ones…independent living. 1. They need continued support and contact with their family and loved ones. 2. Professional support to call on [...]

My Mom is 94 years old and recently had a fall in her home. It took her close to an hour to get to the phone to call my husband and myself for help. Fortunately, we live near each other. My husband and I were unable to lift her up because she was unable to [...]

Medical alert pendants or bracelet for best medical alert systems are designed to work during power outages for up to 24 hours. Some problems occur when people follow the trend toward cable bundles. Normal land line phones have their own power but cable modems usually have only up to 4 hours back up or less. [...]

Best Medical Alert Systems never require that you give them your phone number in order to obtain a brochure. Those companies would be the ones that are going to harass you on the phone over and over again. If they ask for your phone number just to talk to you about their medical alert system…beware! [...]