Elderly Monitoring Devices

Most people browsing through our medical alert site tend to agree that having medical monitoring devices in your parents’ home is a very smart idea. But when you are signing mom and dad up for this type of program, it is very important to have their consent. So what if they don’t want a system [...]

Are you looking into our medical alert service and wondering if we cover your area? I have good news! We cover all 50 states (including Alaska and Hawaii) with our elderly monitoring devices. No matter where you live in the U.S. you will get our service at the same low rate! The only requirement for [...]

Flexibility is an important part of our elderly monitoring devices service! As one of our customers, you will be able to cancel the alert buttons for seniors whenever you need. All canceling involves is sending back the equipment to us. The equipment is on a rental basis with our service, but there are no additional [...]

Do you have both one of these senior alert systems and cats in your home? Cats are notorious for walking all over your furniture. If they want up on the table, they hop right up there. So when you are plugging in elderly monitoring devices at your home, consider your cat. On the speaker box [...]

Do you have a two story house? We have many customers who have two stories that are able to use their elderly monitoring devices both upstairs and downstairs. This alarm system monitor covers up to a 3500 square foot area! I recommend plugging in your alarm in a phone jack close to your stairwell because [...]

A number of different companies offer elderly monitoring devices with a catch: There is a time commitment involved. This could be for a period of time up to 3 years. WOW! With panic buttons for the elderly, you just never know exactly how long you will need this type of service – so it makes [...]

We find that all of our customers who have arthritis are still able to press their help button and activate their elderly monitoring devices correctly. Pressing the help button for one of our elderly monitoring devices does involve giving it a good press. But it is certainly not hard to do and does not involve [...]

I am ordering one of these emergency alert devices for my mother. We both live in Pennsylvania. How quickly do these emergency alert devices ship? Do you have overnight shipping as well? Larry R. Pittsburgh, PA Hi Larry, our standard free shipping is through priority mail. This takes 2 to 3 days to arrive nationwide. [...]

I talked to a customer of ours yesterday who was concerned because she likes to take regular baths but had a bad experience once getting out of the tub when she slipped and fell.  She wanted to make sure that she could wear our emergency alert button in the bath. Elderly monitoring devices by the [...]

Some seniors don’t understand how an Elderly Alarm actually calls the paramedics.  Do elderly monitoring devices call the paramedics directly? During an emergency, the senior presses the button on their elderly alarm.  The transmitter sends a signal to the speaker box which then calls a monitoring center.  Once notified, the monitoring center will begin to [...]