Elderly Monitoring System

Often, family members come to the conclusion that seniors need an elderly monitoring system before the seniors themselves. It is undeniable that incorporating senior home monitoring into your mother’s life will have long-term positive effects. Getting help quickly during an emergency allows her to recover quickly from any injuries and continue to live a long, [...]

It’s amazing how quickly attitudes about having an elderly monitoring system can change. I spoke with the daughter of one of our clients today. Her father was opposed to the idea of these elderly monitors, but had agreed to it reluctantly. Once the system was in his home and working he decided that he liked [...]

Some of our new customers don’t know exactly which emergency button they’d like. Some people would prefer to have both buttons for different situations. If you choose to have the extra emergency button with your elderly monitoring system it will be a one time fee of $35.00. Now you can get this with your order, [...]

Our elderly monitoring system has a range of 400 feet away from where the speaker box is set up in your home. This is the range that you can press your help button and send a signal that you are having an emergency. To give you a good idea of how far our alarm monitors [...]

An elderly monitoring system is different than most gifts you could think to give your mother. While you might think your gift tells your mom that you care about her and want her protected, she may look at it differently. It’s so important to talk to your mom before ordering an elderly call button for [...]

One fall can sometimes mean the difference between healthy later years and ongoing health problems. Sometimes in this great country of ours preventative medicine is a little overlooked. Getting ahead of a problem before it can really improve your quality of life though – especially with dangerous falls that seniors sometimes have! A lot of [...]

Hi, I’m concerned that my dad might not use one of these elderly monitors in his home. He’s not very good at asking for help… How will I know if he will even use this system? Gene L. Queens, NY Hi Gene, the best way to make sure that your dad is going to use [...]

An elderly monitoring system can be a lifeline for a senior living alone who falls or has another medical emergency. Having a waterproof  help button on a wristband or necklace gives a senior a way to call for help if they can’t get to a phone.  But choosing which type of emergency medical response system [...]

I spoke with a woman the other day whose father has just suffered a heart attack. Thankfully he had a friend in the home at the time who was able to call 911 and get help.   He was rushed to the hospital and is now recovering and will be going back home shortly.  This scared [...]

I’m considering ordering your elderly monitoring system for my mother. I was wondering about the monitoring center that you use for your service. How are they certified? Thank you for any information. Beth Plainview, NY Hi Beth, The Get Help Now medical alarm’s National Monitoring Center is UL listed, FM approved and Department of Defense [...]