Emergency Call Button

When you receive your medical alert package from us, you will need to find an active phone jack and electrical outlet to plug the alarm system monitor into. Most people have a number of different jacks to choose from in their home. So they are presented with a choice for where to plug this in. [...]

A number of people ask us what would happen if they order the emergency call button necklace for mom and then she decides after the senior alarm system arrives that she wants the wristband… There are a couple of options for you to choose from. First off, you can switch the necklace out for a [...]

Time commitments are a very divisive issue when it comes to different services that provide an alarm for seniors. Some companies treat their service like a cell phone contract and lock you into a contract. Others ask for a minimum of time in order to give their service a “try.” Either way, a time commitment [...]

A lot of seniors ask if they can wear their emergency call button while they are out shopping for groceries or running other errands. Our medical alert systems are designed for your home use and for outside in your yard. While you will not be able to use your emergency button while you are away [...]

Often enough we get calls from a son or daughter who is out of state that wants to pay for their mother’s emergency call button service. Maybe their mom lives in Florida and they live in Washington DC… Regardless of where you or your loved one lives, we will be able to set up the [...]

I am interested in your alert buttons for seniors for my grandmother.  She has one home near me in Kentucky but also travels for months at a time to Washington.  Would she be able to use your emergency call button at both locations for no extra charge? Betty Mayfield, KY Alert buttons for seniors from [...]

As you can imagine, we get a lot of calls from people whose mothers have moved in with them out of necessity. It’s great that you are taking the additional step and getting an emergency response system.The emergency call button that she wears really will give both of you great “peace of mind.” Beyond that, [...]

I’d like to get your emergency call button for my aunt who lives in a very rural area of Montana.  She lives twenty miles from the nearest town.  Would your medical alert necklace still service her area? Donna Montana City, Montana Hi Donna, The American Senior Safety Agency emergency call button covers every area of [...]

UL Listed monitoring centers for elderly monitors are required to have annual inspections that ensure that the monitoring center meets their stringent requirements. They require full redundancy of all systems meaning that if a system fails a back-up system is implemented immediately and automatically so the customers who have their emergency call button will always [...]

I spoke to a woman earlier who was researching the highest rated medical alarms for seniors on the internet for her aunt.  Her aunt wanted to wear the necklace emergency call button but she was worried about the possibility of choking on the chain.  How safe are your medical alarms for seniors? Laura Madison, WI [...]