First Alert Medical Help Is Required

As you may well know, medical monitoring devices are a great help during an emergency. Not only can these devices get the help you need quickly, but these services also notify your family or list of contacts what is going on. Medical monitoring devices are your family’s first alert medical help is required! The monitoring [...]

So I am the CEO of my own  personal emergency response systems and now I too need what all seniors need a help button to push if I am in a compromised position. My heart attack awoke me to the needs that the elderly have when they are recuperating from a heart attack, a stroke [...]

The first alert medical help is needed comes in many forms. The other day I had a heart attack at 63 that created severe chest pain that radiated down my left arm. I knew what to do…first I popped a 325 mg Bayer aspirin into my mouth then I told my employees to get me [...]

First alert for seniors is what a lot of people look into getting because they want their loved ones to be able to call for help easily in the case of a fall. We all know that seniors falling cause a lot of accidents and its not easy to reach the phone when you’ve fallen [...]

The first alert medical help is needed by mom when you are not there comes from her medical alert system. Once we have received a call for help from mom’s medical alert button it is received by our National Monitoring Center. Our national monitoring center will talk up and back with her through our speaker [...]

First alert that mom or dad is in trouble or needs help is often requested by their medical alert service. Countless lives of seniors have been saved by having the ability to summon help first and fast by pressing the help button of their medical alert device. Sometimes our parents fight us about getting a [...]

First alert that you can benefit from a medical alarm is if you’re starting to be a little forgetful! If you are experiencing any type of short term memory loss, it’s very handy to know that help is just the push of a medical alert button away. You can wear a medical alert necklace or [...]

First alert that you need a medical alert system is often when you are having trouble with mobility. Some seniors are in perfect health but need to use a cane or some other kind of walking aid for stability to keep from falling. If this describes you, it’s a good time to think about protecting [...]

First alert that you may need help in order to remain living independently is your first feeling of discomfort living alone. Possibly you are having difficulty remembering some things or your balance is off. Maybe you need some help doing tasks that you didn’t need help with before. This would be a smart time to [...]

First alert that you need a better communication device during emergencies beside a cell phone is when you find yourself lying on the floor and your cell phone is on the table. Now what? If you are wearing a medical alert button around your neck or wrist just push the help button. A medical alert [...]