Lifeline Means Many Things

I have spent 29 years working with the elderly trying to remain independent in their own homes. By the way, I feel this is the best medicine you the caregiver can offer your loved ones…independent living. 1. They need continued support and contact with their family and loved ones. 2. Professional support to call on [...]

A lifeline can be a phone line or it can be the medical alert device your parents use to warn you that they need help getting up from a fall. Senior Safety medical alarms provide the best customer service in the nation according to our clients. They appreciate that we will spend as much time [...]

A lifeline like a medical alarm for your parents to use to call for help when they fall is essential for most seniors. The elderly often find themselves in a compromised position. A help button that can be worn in the shower and tub becomes essential at some point in time. These senior medical alert [...]

Lifeline ® is approaching 1 million clients and is the oldest of the medical alert system companies out there. We at Senior Safety medical alarms think that Lifeline provides a quality service. They tend to range in price from $35 to $52 per month depending on your zip code and the type of system you [...]

A lifeline to call the paramedics when your parents have fallen will give you and them peace of mind. Why should mom or dad worry if their mobility is challenged that they may fall. A medical alert will give them the lifeline they need to let you or the paramedics know that they need some [...]

A lifeline of some sort to call for help is crucial for seniors, especially when they fall. We always tell seniors that the first time you take a fall is a sure-fire indicator that you need a medical alert system. Sometimes seniors will tell me that they have indeed fallen, but were able to get [...]

A lifeline to the paramedics is a great way for the elderly to help protect themselves. When you press your medical alert button, our monitoring center will dispatch the paramedics quickly for you in an emergency. Once in a while, people ask if they can get the monitoring center to call them first. In an [...]

A lifeline to call the paramedics can be a crucial aid when the elderly need help. However, sometimes seniors don’t feel they need a medical alert system just yet. We recommend you speak to your parents about the value of a medical alert. Medical alerts like Senior Safety help them remain living independently in their [...]

Lifeline can mean many things from a phone system to a quality medical alert system. Seniors are able to reach out for help when they have a medical alert to call for help when they can’t reach the phone. Never let your parents live alone in fear that they might have an emergency without any [...]

A lifeline can be the first alert that seniors need help. A medical alert works as a lifeline for your parents to let you or the paramedics know they need help from possibly a fall or other emergency. I can’t tell you how wonderful many senior citizens feel once they are hooked up with a [...]