Senior Emergency Button

We get a lot of comments from the families of our customers about the peace of mind that our wrist alarms bring to their parents. Of course, when you are ordering this type of service, you are thinking a lot about your mom or dad’s safety. But what about their happiness? We find that seniors [...]

A lot of people who call us to inquire about our senior emergency button ask what makes us different than the other companies. What you will universally hear our representatives respond with is Customer Service! We know that by providing great customer service (along with excellent monitoring) we are enabling our personal alarm systems customers [...]

I just love it when I hear of seniors who really take pride in their senior emergency button. Taking care of yourself really is something to be proud of! I talked to a daughter today whose mom likes to show off her wrist alarms to all of her friends. Her favorite thing to do is [...]

When mom’s senior emergency button is delivered and you plug it in, it’s important to test the range of the system. The personal alarm systems range is slightly different in different homes. Testing that range helps to make sure that mom is able to get help where ever she needs, and helps her be better [...]

Whenever you order with us, we ship your senior alarm system the same day! This is done through priority mail and we ship free of charge with your order. This will only take 2 to 3 mail days to arrive with you. When it arrives you’ll simply set it up and then test the senior [...]

With all the different details involved with our senior medical alarm service, sometimes we have to skip over telling you about the small things in order to cover the big picture. But it ultimately is a lot of small details that all come together to make a great senior medical alarm and a great service. [...]

Most of the time with this sort of service, you just don’t know how long you will need your senior emergency button. Situations change all the time. Your health may improve to the point where you don’t need a senior emergency button or maybe you will decide that things will be easier for you in [...]

Today I spoke to one of our senior emergency button customers from Buffalo, NY. Her necklace chain had broken and she had been carrying the emergency button around in her pocket for a few days. She didn’t know that we replace that chain for you free of charge. The necklace chain may occasionally break if [...]

The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing writes about how the number of older Americans is rising fast making home monitoring for seniors an even more important part of proper home care. The article points out how the number of seniors will continue to rise and because of modern medicine more seniors will live longer. [...]

I often get asked by seniors, why is it important to wear your senior emergency button at all times? Most of us are used to taking everything off before we go to take a shower or bath.  Your senior medical alarm company certainly doesn’t want to change the way you shower, but you definitely want [...]