Florida seniors wear their medical alert necklace with pride

by Jeff Miller

in Medical Alert,Medical Alert Necklace

Florida has such a strong senior culture – with all of the wonderful people there just enjoying life and retirement. In my experience, Florida seniors tend to know more about how a medical alert necklace works. Maybe they have a number of friends who already use a medical alert, or maybe people in Florida just get to see a lot more advertisements for these devices. Being so exposed to medical alert systems is a very good thing. Seniors there wear their medical alert necklace with a lot of pride. They know that it means that they are taking care of themselves – whether their doctor recommended it or they thought it’d be a smart idea on their own. Seniors throughout the rest of the country could learn a thing or two from Florida. I’m always surprised when someone doesn’t want to wear their medical alert necklace in front of friends. Being protected and taking care of yourself is a big thing to be proud of!

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