My mother feeds her cats in the back yard, what is the range of your medical alert systems?

by Jeff Miller

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Could you please tell me the distance range your alarm works for?

OR– How far away from the “box” does the signal work?

My mother likes to feed her cats in the back yard. Would the signal be picked up there if she needed help?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi Brenda,

The range of our medical alert systems are approximately 300′ to 400’ from the speaker box, of course as you have asked, this must be tested in the local environment to see how far it really reaches.

I love that your mother feeds her cats in the back yard, it’s not only good exercise for her, but provides much warmth, love and participation. These are all things I believe lead to a longer and happier life. And of course, I am a cat lover. My cat named Spooky is a huge 25 pound black cat.

The reach of our help button outside does not include the ability to talk to her outside of her home, but we will be notified she is in trouble and send help immediately. The voice-to-voice component of our speaker box works well within approximately a 3500 square foot home.

Regardless of which company you choose, thinking of a medical alert service for your mom is a great idea for your mom.

Thanks for your question,


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