Available Systems:

Advanced System

In-Home with Landline

The Advanced System is compatible with virtually any home phone service and protects you inside and around your home.

Cellular System

In-Home No Landline

The Cellular System does not require a landline and protects you inside and around your home.

Fall Detect Add-On

In-Home Fall Detection Coverage

The Fall Detect Add-On is available with our Advanced & Cellular 3G Systems and automatically detects falls inside and around your home.

Mobile GPS System

On-The-Go Coverage
(Optional Fall Detection)

The Mobile GPS System fits in the palm of your hand and goes where you go, keeping you protected at home and away from home.

SentryTalk System

In-Home with Landline

With a built-in speaker and microphone inside of the help button, the SentryTalk provides extra peace of mind for those who are at risk of falling.

Fall detect pendants automatically activate during a fall...
If you're unable to speak, don’t worry help is on the way!
Learn about the Fall Detect Add-On

How Do Medical Alerts Work?
Free Medical Alert Brochure
Free Medical Alert Brochure

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Medial Alert Reviews & BBB Ratings

At Senior Safety we understand just how valuable excellent customer service really is! That’s why we go above & beyond to provide as much helpful information as possible so that you can make the best decision on which system and service is right for you or your loved ones.

3 Keys to a Great Medical Alert Service

No Long-term Contracts – There are a number of medical alert services like Senior Safety that allow you to cancel whenever you need. Don’t settle for a 1 – 3 year contract when you simply don’t have to!

Prorated Refund When Cancelling – While most companies these days do not require a long-term contract, not all companies are willing to refund money back to you if you pay in advance but have to cancel. If you’re offered a lower price to pay quarterly or just one time a year, make sure a refund is available in case you have to stop service any time before. At Senior Safety, no matter how you choose to pay, you have the freedom to stop service at any time and receive a prorated refund for any months you paid in advance!

Redundant Monitoring – Ever wonder what would happen if an emergency occurred on the other side of your medical alert system? What if the company you are with experiences some sort of disaster, like a fire or earthquake? In some cases, you could be without reliable way to get help. That’s why redundant monitoring is so important! If a problem arises at one center, another response center in a different area is there for backup. At Senior Safety we provide redundant monitoring with all of our response centers located right here in the US!