Special Offer To New Customers!

That’s right! Senior Safety customers can receive a special bonus offer when they choose a Quarterly or Annual medical alert plan.

Free Gift - $25 Gift Card

Receive a $25 Visa Gift Card to buy groceries, gas, or gifts! **Learn about this sign-up special below.

Free Gift - Lockbox

Allow First Responders to gain access into your home without having to break your door or windows.


How does the Lockbox work?

You might’ve seen lockboxes used before at Real Estate properties. This lockbox is similar, but it operates off of a 4 digit code. We recommend the lockbox to all of our customers &, considering that it’s a $45 value, it’s tough to beat as a free gift option. Here’s how the lockbox works:

Place key inside lockbox

When your order arrives, you’ll open the lockbox using the 4 digit code provided. Place your key inside the lockbox & close the shackle around your front door handle. Don’t worry; you won’t need to unlock the lockbox each time you use the door – it’s just there in case of an emergency! Don’t want the lockbox on your front door handle? You can place the lockbox anywhere that it can lock to. Many of our customers place theirs on the back door or a gate.

During an emergency, we provide the 4 digit code & the location of the lockbox to your first responders. This will allow them to enter your home quickly & easily without breaking a door or a window. The lockbox makes your first responders’ job that much easier!

Place lockbox on your door

Lockboxes are not just for medical alert customers… The lockbox can also be used by your friends, family, house-sitters & more. Give your code to anyone you trust that needs to get in your home from time to time. It can even save the day should you accidentally lock yourself out!

$45 Value

**Redeeming Your $25 Visa Gift Card

As a Special Sign-up Bonus, new customers can receive a $25.00 Visa Gift Card that works virtually anywhere inside the United States! This is our way of saying “Thank You” to those who put their trust in Senior Safety. Here’s How it Works:
1) Sign up on any of Senior Safety’s quarterly or annual medical alert plans.
2) Keep your service for just 30 days and send in your Senior Safety rebate card.
3) We’ll send your $25 Gift Card to you by mail!
$45 Value

**In order to take advantage of our $25 Cash Gift Card Sign-Up Special, clients must return the rebate card enclosed in their order. We mail your $25 Cash Gift Card after your 30th day as a customer to say “Thank You”. Offer only available for new customers & only honored when rebate card is returned. If canceled before the 30th day, customers who returned a rebate card will not receive the Sign-Up Special Gift Card.