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30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Free Shipping, One Free Gift, Plus No Long-term Contract

At Home
Home & Mobile

Home Alert System

life alert

No Equipment Fees

Coverage around your home & yard

Choose Necklace or Wristband

Include Auto-Fall Detection +$10/mo

No Landline Option +$10/mo

Mobile-Go Alert

Mobile-Go Medical Alert

One-Time Device Cost: $75

Comes with adjustable Lanyard

Cell Phone, Landline, Wifi Not Required

Include Auto-Fall Detection +$10/mo

*Bundle w/ Home Alert System +$10/mo

Mobile-Go Smartwatch


One-Time Device Cost: $99

Worn on adjustable wristband

Cell Phone, Landline, Wifi Not Required

Include Auto-Fall Detection +$10/mo

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Medical Alert Systems That Can Call Family First

Want our response center to call family members instead of 911? Add up to 4 contacts to be notified when the medical alert system is activated.

Call 1-888-473-2800 for more details.

Choose Your Free Gift!

That’s right! Senior Safety customers can receive one free gift when they choose a Quarterly or Annual medical alert plan.

Free Gift - $25 Gift Card

Receive a $25 Visa Gift Card to buy groceries, gas, or gifts!***


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Free Gift - Lockbox

Allow First Responders to gain access into your home without having to break your door or windows.


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When you choose a Quarterly or Annual medical alert plan!

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Free Vial of Life With Your Medical Alert!

Having medical information readily available during an emergency is critical and could help save a life.

life alert

Your Order Includes:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We’re so confident that you’ll love our service that we offer every new customer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Set up your new system at home & test it out! You can cancel within 30 days for a full refund.
Cancel At Any Time No Penalty
While some companies lock you into a 3 year contract and even require proof that mom moved to assisted living in order to cancel, we don’t! We want canceling your service to be easy. When you’re our customer you can cancel at anytime for any reason! We even refund unused months back to you.
Your Price Will Never Change
We offer our lifetime price guarantee because we know that so many seniors live on a fixed income. When you’re a Senior Safety customer, your price will never go up. Plain & simple.
Sign-Up Special: Choose 1 Free Gift
New Senior Safety customers can receive one free gift when they choose a Quarterly or Annual medical alert plan. Choose between
a Lockbox, valued at $45, or receive a $25 Visa Gift card! (See details below).
No Long-Term Contracts
Why sign up for a 3 year contract when you simply don’t need to? We offer our service with no long term contracts (cancel whenever you need!) because we know that people’s situations & needs change! Our service is about what’s best for you… not our bottom-line.
No Extra Fees
Setting up your system is easy! When you order a Senior Safety Quarterly or Annual plan, we ship it to you free of charge. And unlike other companies, we don't require expensive installation appointments or activation fees.

Compare Senior Safety Medical Alert System Prices

Compare Senior Safety’s best-rated service to * Life Alert ® and **Philips Lifeline®. We offer our systems with no startup cost, no long-term contracts, and coast-to-coast coverage, all at a fraction of the Life Alert monthly cost.

Startup Cost
Contract Period
Nationwide Coverage
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Multilingual Protection
Senior Safety
Life Alert®
3 Years
Philips Lifeline®
90 Days

Find A System That Best Suits You!

What does each system cover? Does it automatically activate during a fall? Where is the speaker located? These aspects of your medical alert coverage depend on which system you choose. Call 1-888-473-2800 to speak with the Senior Safety team about what you’re looking for in a medical alert system.

life alert
Home Medical Alert System
Choose between a Necklace or Wristband Help Button!
The Home Medical Alert System is the perfect choice for your at-home medical alert needs. With a range that reaches up to 1000 feet, you will be protected inside and around the outside of your home.
Mobile-Go Medical Alert
Mobile-Go Medical Alert Device
Comes with a Lanyard & Charging Cradle
Use the Mobile-Go Alert to get help when you’re away from home. Also available with automatic fall detection.
Mobile-Go Smartwatch
Designed for Active Seniors
Use the Mobile-Go Smartwatch to get help when you’re away from home. Also available with automatic fall detection.
Life Alert
Home & Mobile Combo
Combines the protection of the Home Alert & Mobile-Go
Enjoy the comfort of a small, lightweight help button with the Home Alert System, plus the freedom to go out while still being protected with the Mobile-Go Alert.

Easy Setup & Great Customer Support!

life alert

Our systems are quick & easy to plug in, but we know that setting up equipment like this is not everyone’s strong suit. Our Senior Safety Team helps many seniors & their families set up new systems over the phone & we will happily walk you through plugging things in as well. Once it’s set up, you’ll run a simple test. When you reach an operator, you know that everything is working & ready for use!

While all of our in-home systems are easy to set up, the No Landline Home Alert System “takes the cake” as easiest. Simply plug in the power cord & you’re done. This one step setup is why we refer to the No Landline Home Alert as our EZ Alert. Great for anyone who doesn’t want to fuss with phone cords or doesn’t have a landline telephone service.

For as low as $19 per month, you or your loved one can stay safe using Senior Safety’s medical alert systems. Our medical alert system prices fit any budget and lifestyle. You’ll feel safe and secure knowing you’re always in good hands at any moment’s notice. Senior Safety is proud to offer affordable and convenient medical alert systems starting at a low $19 per month. These systems provide 24-7 coverage simply at the touch of a button. And that’s not all! Additional features, like fall alert or LTE connection, cost only a few dollars more. That means you still save hundreds of dollars for premium features to support any friend, family, or loved one—or for personal use. The medical alert systems come in a variety of styles ranging from landline systems to mobile systems. Mobile alert systems cost $30 per month. Otherwise, consider a landline-mobile combo complete with landline and mobile alert packages for as low as $40 per month. Whichever type of medical alert system you choose, understand we don’t charge any activation fees. No matter your lifestyle, Senior Safety is here to ensure you receive immediate protection and support for any accident, injury, or fall wherever you go.

Senior Safety is the ultimate solution for both landline and mobile medical alert systems. We offer affordable medical alert system prices for all lifestyles. If at any time you feel uncertain about using our products, call us for more information. We’ll happily guide you through our home and medical alert systems, so you’re comfortable with a 24-hour emergency response at the simple push of a button. Anytime you leave the house—even for a simple walk around the neighborhood—you need coverage. That’s where these devices come in handy. With Senior Safety, you never need to worry about long-term contracts or activation fees. Did we mention we also have a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can cancel anytime? We only offer fixed prices, so you know what you pay. At the end of the day, give yourself some peace of mind by knowing you’re safe and secure in your active lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Costs and Services

Will my monthly fee go up?

Nope! That’s one reason why so many of our customers stick with us over the years. When you order with Senior Safety, it’s a guarantee that your price will never go up.

Are there any activation fees on top of the monthly service?

Let’s face it, no one likes fees. They’re annoying and can be hard to get rid of. So when it comes to our service, we proudly stand by by our No Added Fee Guarantee. The price we quote is the price you pay with no added activation fees. Many shoppers choose our on-the-go Mobile-Go Alert over our competitors because we don’t require an activation fee up front.

Do you offer a discount for paying in advance?

Good news: Every plan is discounted, not just our annual plan! Our average month-to-month cost is lower than what most other companies charge you when making you pay for a year up front. Another piece of good news is if you elect to pay in advance but need to cancel, you’ll receive a refund for any months that go unused. You can’t beat this!

Can I change plans if I need to in the future?

You can change your medical alert system and plan at any time. In fact, many of our customers have ditched their landlines after learning that we offer a Home Alert System that doesn’t require a home phone. Switching systems is quick and easy!

Does it cost more per month for two people living in the same home?

Our Home Alert System can be used by more than one person inside the same home. For no added costs per month! The Mobile-Go Alert will require two individual plans. Which would mean two times the cost of the service. Bundling the Home Alert with The Mobile-Go can be ordered by phone and is offered at a greater discounted rate.

Will I get a refund if I cancel?

Yes, we offer two different methods of refunds. First is our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Which means that if you order and return the system within 30 days, you will receive a refund for the month or months of service that you ordered. Our second method of refunds will refund customers who pay for the service in advance but need to cancel before their term is up. Those customer receive a refund for any months that go unused when the service is cancelled.

What comes with my order?

The home alert system comes with a base unit and (1) wearable help button. You can choose between a necklace or wristband when ordering. Your order will also come with a Vial of Life kit where you can provide Life saving information for first responders to have on hand in the event that you need to help. Additional accessories, like extra help buttons and lockboxes are available for purchase and can be included with your order.

Buttons & Accessories

life alert


Help paramedics gain entry to your home without breaking a door!

Wall Buttons

Place wall buttons in the bedroom & bathroom for extra protection.

Customize your Senior Safety service to best fit you with extra help buttons & more…

Learn More

Sign-Up Special: Choose 1 Free Gift [Learn More]

***As a Special Sign-up Bonus, new customers can receive a $25.00 Visa Gift Card that works virtually anywhere inside the United States! This is our Way of saying “Thank You” to those who put their trust in Senior Safety. Here’s How it Works:
1) Sign up on any of Senior Safety’s quarterly or annual medical alert plans.
2) Keep your service for just 30 days and send in your Senior Safety rebate card.
3) We’ll send your $25 Gift Card to you by mail!

* Bundle w/ Home Alert +$10 requires a landline. No landline option additional +$10

* Life Alerts ® is a registered trademark of Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc.

** Philips Lifeline ® is a registered trademark of Koninklijke Philips N.V.