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Mobile-Go Alert

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This small, showerproof button goes wherever you go! On the road, in your home, at the grocery store... Wherever your day takes you, you’ll be protected with the help of the Mobile-Go Alert, also available with Automatic Fall Detection.

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Mobile-G0 Button:

  • Designed for Active Seniors
  • Compact & Lightweight Design
  • Powered by AT&T®
  • Location Tracking Services
  • Waterproof Up to 5 IPX
  • Monitored by EMD Certified Dispatchers in the U.S.
  • 2 in. Wide by 2.8 in. Tall + 0.7 in. Thick, 2.5 oz.
  • Depending on inventory, the Mobile-Go Alert you receive may look slightly different
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Mobile-Go - $35/mo

Mobile-Go with Fall Detect - $42/mo

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Available only with Quarterly & Annual Plans

Mobile Go Alert
Cancel Anytime! Only $35/mo, No Equipment Fees, No Added Taxes!
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On-The-Go Protection
The Mobile-Go fits in the palm of your hand.

Designed for Your Active Lifestyle!

Mobile-Go’s On-The-Go Coverage is great for any active senior who leaves their homes 3 or more times in a week. This could be for a simple walk around the neighborhood or running daily errands. Senior Safety is one of the only companies to offer a mobile button for seniors without a long-term contract, activation fees, or additional equipment costs!

On-The-Go Protection
The Mobile-Go fits in the palm of your hand.

No Long-Term Contracts
No Activation Fees
Only $35/month

Coverage Wherever Life Takes You

Peace of Mind All Day Long

You have a busy life, but you know that by getting help quickly during an emergency, you’ll be able to stay active and live longer. Our Mobile-Go button is the perfect solution for you.

Active Senior In Car
Make safety your top priority with an on-the-go medical alert button.
Mobile-Go with Fall Detect for Active Seniors
Experience greater peace of mind with automatic fall detection!
Available with

Fall Detection

Only $42/Month

The Fall Detect feature will be programmed directly into your Mobile-Go button which must be worn on a lanyard to detect falls. Unlike our other systems, Mobile-Go with Fall Detect does not involve a separate button.

Mobile-Go with Fall Detect for Active Seniors
Experience greater peace of mind with automatic fall detection!


The Mobile-Go Alert works off of the AT&T network. You do not need to have a current plan with AT&T, this simply means that AT&T must be available in your area in order for the button to connect with our emergency response center.

Check availability for your area here.

AT&T Service Area
Check the cellular availability map if you aren’t sure about AT&T coverage in your area.

Included with Your Mobile-Go Alert:

Comes with Lanyard

Necklace Lanyard

Charging Cradle

Charging Cradle

Mobile-Go Alert Plans Include:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We’re so confident that you’ll love our service that we offer every new customer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Set up your new system at home & test it out! You can cancel within 30 days for a full refund.
Cancel At Any Time No Penalty
While some companies lock you into a 3 year contract and even require proof that mom moved to assisted living in order to cancel, we don’t! We want canceling your service to be easy. When you’re our customer you can cancel at anytime for any reason! We even refund unused months back to you.
Your Price Will Never Change
We offer our lifetime price guarantee because we know that so many seniors live on a fixed income. When you’re a Senior Safety customer, your price will never go up. Plain & simple.
Sign-Up Special: Choose 1 Free Gift
That’s right! New Senior Safety customers can receive one free gift when they choose a Quarterly or Annual medical alert plan. Choose between:
1) Lockbox – $45 Value – Allow First Responders to gain access into your home without having to break your door or windows.
2) **$25 Visa Gift Card – Receive a Gift Card to buy groceries, gas, or gifts! [Learn More]
No Long-Term Contracts
Why sign up for a 3 year contract when you simply don’t need to? We offer our service with no long term contracts (cancel whenever you need!) because we know that people’s situations & needs change! Our service is about what’s best for you… not our bottom-line.
No Extra Fees
Setting up your system is easy! When you order a Senior Safety Quarterly or Annual plan, we ship it to you free of charge. And unlike other companies, we don't require expensive installation appointments, equipment fees, or activation fees.

Sign-Up Special: Choose 1 Free Gift [Learn More]

**In order to take advantage of our $25 Cash Gift Card Sign-Up Special, clients must return the rebate card enclosed in their order. We mail your $25 Cash Gift Card after your 30th day as a customer to say “Thank You”. Offer only available for new customers & only honored when rebate card is returned. If canceled before the 30th day, customers who returned a rebate card will not receive the Sign-Up Special Gift Card.