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Available Systems:

Home Alert System


Home Alert

The Home Alert System is compatible with virtually any home phone service and protects you inside and around your home.

Home Alert, No Landline


The No Landline Home Alert System does not require a landline and protects you inside and around your home.

Mobile-Go Alert


Mobile-Go Alert

The Mobile-Go Alert fits in the palm of your hand and goes where you go, keeping you protected at home and away from home.

Home Fall Detection


The Fall Detection Necklace is available with our Home Alert System and can detect falls in and around the outside of your home

Home Fall Detection
No Landline


Home Fall Detection, No Landline

The Fall Detection Necklace is available with our No Landline Home Alert System and can detect falls in and around the outside of your home.

Mobile-Go with Fall Detect


The Mobile-Go Alert fits in the palm of your hand and goes where you go, detecting falls at home and away from home.

How Does Each
Medical Alert Work?

Which System Should You Choose?

Never Heard of Senior Safety?

Est 1991

You may be wondering, "Who is Senior Safety and why have I never heard of them?" We've actually been around since the early 90's and have continued to provide a high quality medical alert service for many families in need. Over the past three decades, not a whole lot has changed... except for maybe our haircuts.

At Senior Safety, we spend less time advertising on television like other companies and more time attending to our customers. We offer the same service as "those companies" for about half the cost and with no long-term contracts!

Many older adults and their families put their trust in us because they understand that big names simply don't matter when it comes to their safety. Try out our service and see what nearly 30 years of the most excellent customer service feels like.

Call 1-888-473-2800
to experience the Senior Safety Difference!

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Welcome to Senior Safety!
Medical Alert Company
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senior medical alert systems
How Do Medical Alerts Work?
How Do Medical Alerts Work?
Vermont Seniors Choose
senior medical alert systems
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Vermont Medical Alert Systems

Whether mom lives in a small city in Vermont or a big city, like Burlington, Essex or Rutland, our medical alert systems will help her live confidently in her own home. Harsh winters throughout the Northeast can lead to a number of falls in seniors. Don’t wait until after her first fall to get her started with a senior alert service. Get mom covered today! That way, when winter rolls around she’ll already be used to wearing her help button at all times in and around her home. Senior Safety is proud to cover your mom in whatever state she lives in. We cover all 50 states including the Green Mountain State of Vermont!

We provide our service in the following cities, zip codes, and counties. If you don’t see your area listed, don’t worry… As long as you have electricity in your home, you’ll be able to take advantage of our Best Rated service.

Coverage in Vermont by City

Adamant, VT Morgan, VT
Albany, VT Morrisville, VT
Alburg, VT Moscow, VT
Arlington, VT Mount Holly, VT
Ascutney, VT New Haven, VT
Averill, VT Newbury, VT
Bakersfield, VT Newfane, VT
Barnard, VT Newport, VT
Barnet, VT Newport Center, VT
Barre, VT North Bennington, VT
Barton, VT North Clarendon, VT
Beebe Plain, VT North Concord, VT
Beecher Falls, VT North Ferrisburg, VT
Bellows Falls, VT North Hartland, VT
Belmont, VT North Hero, VT
Belvidere Center, VT North Hyde Park, VT
Bennington, VT North Montpelier, VT
Benson, VT North Pomfret, VT
Bethel, VT North Pownal, VT
Bomoseen, VT North Springfield, VT
Bondville, VT North Thetford, VT
Bradford, VT North Troy, VT
Brandon, VT Northfield, VT
Brattleboro, VT Northfield Falls, VT
Bridgewater, VT Norton, VT
Bridgewater Corners, VT Norwich, VT
Bridport, VT Orleans, VT
Bristol, VT Orwell, VT
Brookfield, VT Passumpsic, VT
Brownsville, VT Pawlet, VT
Burlington, VT Peacham, VT
Cabot, VT Perkinsville, VT
Calais, VT Peru, VT
Cambridge, VT Pittsfield, VT
Cambridgeport, VT Pittsford, VT
Canaan, VT Plainfield, VT
Castleton, VT Plymouth, VT
Cavendish, VT Post Mills, VT
Center Rutland, VT Poultney, VT
Charlotte, VT Pownal, VT
Chelsea, VT Proctor, VT
Chester, VT Proctorsville, VT
Chester Depot, VT Putney, VT
Chittenden, VT Quechee, VT
Colchester, VT Randolph, VT
Concord, VT Randolph Center, VT
Corinth, VT Reading, VT
Coventry, VT Readsboro, VT
Craftsbury, VT Richford, VT
Craftsbury Common, VT Richmond, VT
Cuttingsville, VT Ripton, VT
Danby, VT Rochester, VT
Danville, VT Roxbury, VT
Derby, VT Rupert, VT
Derby Line, VT Rutland, VT
Dorset, VT Saint Albans, VT
East Arlington, VT Saint Albans Bay, VT
East Barre, VT Saint Johnsbury, VT
East Berkshire, VT Saint Johnsbury Center, VT
East Burke, VT Salisbury, VT
East Calais, VT Saxtons River, VT
East Charleston, VT Shaftsbury, VT
East Corinth, VT Sharon, VT
East Dorset, VT Sheffield, VT
East Dover, VT Shelburne, VT
East Fairfield, VT Sheldon, VT
East Hardwick, VT Sheldon Springs, VT
East Haven, VT Shoreham, VT
East Middlebury, VT South Barre, VT
East Montpelier, VT South Burlington, VT
East Poultney, VT South Hero, VT
East Randolph, VT South Londonderry, VT
East Ryegate, VT South Newfane, VT
East Saint Johnsbury, VT South Pomfret, VT
East Thetford, VT South Royalton, VT
East Wallingford, VT South Ryegate, VT
Eden, VT South Strafford, VT
Eden Mills, VT South Woodstock, VT
Enosburg Falls, VT Springfield, VT
Essex, VT Stamford, VT
Essex Junction, VT Starksboro, VT
Fair Haven, VT Stockbridge, VT
Fairfax, VT Stowe, VT
Fairfield, VT Strafford, VT
Fairlee, VT Sutton, VT
Ferrisburg, VT Swanton, VT
Florence, VT Taftsville, VT
Forest Dale, VT Thetford, VT
Franklin, VT Thetford Center, VT
Gaysville, VT Townshend, VT
Gilman, VT Troy, VT
Glover, VT Tunbridge, VT
Grafton, VT Underhill, VT
Granby, VT Underhill Center, VT
Grand Isle, VT Vergennes, VT
Graniteville, VT Vernon, VT
Granville, VT Vershire, VT
Greensboro, VT Waitsfield, VT
Greensboro Bend, VT Wallingford, VT
Groton, VT Wardsboro, VT
Guildhall, VT Warren, VT
Hancock, VT Washington, VT
Hardwick, VT Waterbury, VT
Hartford, VT Waterbury Center, VT
Hartland, VT Waterville, VT
Hartland Four Corners, VT Websterville, VT
Highgate Center, VT Wells, VT
Highgate Springs, VT Wells River, VT
Hinesburg, VT West Burke, VT
Huntington, VT West Charleston, VT
Hyde Park, VT West Danville, VT
Hydeville, VT West Dover, VT
Irasburg, VT West Dummerston, VT
Island Pond, VT West Fairlee, VT
Isle La Motte, VT West Glover, VT
Jacksonville, VT West Halifax, VT
Jamaica, VT West Hartford, VT
Jeffersonville, VT West Newbury, VT
Jericho, VT West Pawlet, VT
Johnson, VT West Rupert, VT
Jonesville, VT West Rutland, VT
Killington, VT West Topsham, VT
Lake Elmore, VT West Townshend, VT
Londonderry, VT West Wardsboro, VT
Lowell, VT Westfield, VT
Lower Waterford, VT Westford, VT
Ludlow, VT Westminster, VT
Lunenburg, VT Westminster Station, VT
Lyndon, VT Weston, VT
Lyndon Center, VT White River Junction, VT
Lyndonville, VT Whiting, VT
Manchester, VT Whitingham, VT
Manchester Center, VT Wilder, VT
Marlboro, VT Williamstown, VT
Marshfield, VT Williamsville, VT
Mc Indoe Falls, VT Williston, VT
Middlebury, VT Wilmington, VT
Middletown Springs, VT Windsor, VT
Milton, VT Winooski, VT
Monkton, VT Wolcott, VT
Montgomery, VT Woodbury, VT
Montgomery Center, VT Woodstock, VT
Montpelier, VT Worcester, VT
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Coverage in Vermont by County

Addison County Lamoille County
Bennington County Orange County
Caledonia County Orleans County
Chittenden County Rutland County
Essex County Washington County
Franklin County Windham County
Grand Isle County Windsor County

Coverage in Vermont by Zip Codes

05001 05359 05679
05009 05360 05680
05030 05361 05681
05031 05362 05682
05032 05363 05701
05033 05401 05702
05034 05402 05730
05035 05403 05731
05036 05404 05732
05037 05405 05733
05038 05406 05734
05039 05407 05735
05040 05439 05736
05041 05440 05737
05042 05441 05738
05043 05442 05739
05045 05443 05740
05046 05444 05741
05047 05445 05742
05048 05446 05743
05049 05447 05744
05050 05448 05745
05051 05449 05746
05052 05450 05747
05053 05451 05748
05054 05452 05750
05055 05453 05751
05056 05454 05753
05058 05455 05757
05059 05456 05758
05060 05457 05759
05061 05458 05760
05062 05459 05761
05065 05460 05762
05067 05461 05763
05068 05462 05764
05069 05463 05765
05070 05464 05766
05071 05465 05767
05072 05466 05768
05073 05468 05769
05074 05469 05770
05075 05470 05772
05076 05471 05773
05077 05472 05774
05079 05473 05775
05081 05474 05776
05083 05476 05777
05084 05477 05778
05085 05478 05819
05086 05479 05820
05088 05481 05821
05089 05482 05822
05091 05483 05823
05101 05485 05824
05141 05486 05825
05142 05487 05826
05143 05488 05827
05144 05489 05828
05146 05490 05829
05148 05491 05830
05149 05492 05832
05150 05494 05833
05151 05495 05836
05152 05601 05837
05153 05602 05838
05154 05603 05839
05155 05604 05840
05156 05609 05841
05158 05620 05842
05159 05633 05843
05161 05640 05845
05201 05641 05846
05250 05647 05847
05251 05648 05848
05252 05649 05849
05253 05650 05850
05254 05651 05851
05255 05652 05853
05257 05653 05855
05260 05654 05857
05261 05655 05858
05262 05656 05859
05301 05657 05860
05302 05658 05861
05303 05660 05862
05304 05661 05863
05340 05662 05866
05341 05663 05867
05342 05664 05868
05343 05665 05871
05344 05666 05872
05345 05667 05873
05346 05669 05874
05350 05670 05875
05351 05671 05901
05352 05672 05902
05353 05673 05903
05354 05674 05904
05355 05675 05905
05356 05676 05906
05357 05677 05907
05358 05678
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