Senior Fall Prevention: How To Avoid Falling at Home

Personal safety is ageless, but it’s more important as you get older. With age comes increased sensibility of your surroundings to avoid any possible risk or injury. While you may

Fall Detection for Extra Peace of Mind

Worried you might fall and not be able to press your ‘help’ button? Now you can add the fall detect necklace to your Advanced or Cellular In-Home Medical Alert System. This is excellent news for seniors who have a history of strokes, fainting or other conditions where they may not be able to press their button during an emergency. While most seniors do not need a fall detect system when they first start with a medical alert, many people age into needing more protection along the way. We're proud to offer such an affordable & reliable fall alert option! ...

If you've studied up on our fall alert system, you know that it comes with one button designed to detect falls AND your choice of a necklace or wristband standard button. The fall detection button is exclusively available as a necklace - for a good reason. It uses an accelerometer and gyroscope inside the button to monitor your movement. This allows it to activate during significant changes (that resemble a fall) while not activating during other day-to-day movements.