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Everyone needs some time away to enjoy themselves. That’s why taking a vacation is important; it gives you a relaxing mental and physical break from everyday life. Still, traveling as

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No one can ever be too safe these days—especially seniors. One misplaced step or slip can lead to an unexpected and serious injury. That’s where medical alert systems come in.

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Are There Recommended AARP Medical Alert Systems?

Are There Recommended AARP Medical Alert Systems? Recommended AARP medical alert systems would require endorsements from AARP which is not common in the medical alert systems industry. You might see

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No matter if you’re in sunny California or living along beautiful mountain range of The Smokey Mountains, our nationwide medical alert service is available for you to use! When you need help, we call the same local dispatchers that you would reach if you dialed 911 on your own.

Why Thousands of Seniors Nationwide Still Choose Senior Safety

Running the best medical alert company possible always starts with caring. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we treat our customers like family - not like numbers. Caring is the philosophy that keeps us striving for the best service possible with excellent systems, reliable monitoring & the best in customer service. So it’s no wonder that seniors across our great nation still choose Senior Safety for their medical alert protection.

When it comes down to it, a good medical alert service is really about customer service. That's the quality of service given by both the operators who respond to emergency calls & the customer service representatives that help you set up your account and keep your information up to date. Wouldn’t it be great to know what it’s like to be a customer before you ever sign up? The internet is teeming with reviews of these services & it only takes a few minutes to find them...

When you sign up for a GET HELP NOW medical alert, we send you a Vial of Life kit with your order, and we donate 10 life-saving kits to others in need. This means your order is not only a positive step towards the safety of your loved one, it also helps keep other seniors safe...

It’s important to value the reliability of a medical alert service over how often your loved one uses their button. These systems are there for those “once in a blue moon” emergency situations. We’re so happy to reliably be there for our customers, and we know our systems are crucial to their long-term success...