Having that medical alert conversation

When is the right time to get mom and dad started with a Senior Safety system? It’s sometimes tough to tell because there are no hard & fast rules for this sort of question. It depends on the situation and the senior. One thing is for certain though: It is never too early to get started with this type of protection. And the best way to get started is to have a conversation with mom and dad...

Extra Protection this Winter

And while our office is located in Marina del Rey, California, where it never snows or even freezes, we know many of our customers deal with extreme winter conditions every year! Winter can be a dangerous time for seniors. Protecting yourself with a solid medical alert can help you to worry less about the obstacles and pitfalls that winter can bring... and help you start enjoying it for the wonderland it is!

Medical alert technology is changing fast these days. Just a few years back, on-the-go protection like our mobile GPS systems wasn't even available... Now if you're an active senior, you can take your mobile help button with you wherever you go. Or if you spend more time at home, you can choose an in-home system with newer senior-friendly features! But what if you didn't have to choose?

Visiting family? Take your medical alert with you!

Flexibility is a big part of the service we provide. Many of our customers are snow birds, who will be packing their bags soon and moving south for the winter. And all of our customers cherish visiting and staying with friends and family no matter what time of year. We designed our Senior Safety service so that it doesn't get in the way of your life. When you feel the need to pack up and go, we want to be right there with you. That's why we make relocating your service to a new address as easy as possible!

It's important when searching for a system for your senior loved one to research beyond the names you see on the TV or in magazines. While that advertising money might mean that they are one of the largest providers, it does not automatically make them the best fit for your mom's situation. Nowadays, everyone has heard of Life Alert. They are a household name like Kleenex or Coke, and Life Alert for medical alert systems.

Some people shop for a medical alert service like they would for any other service provider (for a cable provider, cell phone provider, etc). While the similarities certainly are there, finding the right medical alert provider for your senior loved one is a unique challenge. At Senior Safety, we believe that compassion is a crucial ingredient to any solid service for seniors...

As a matter of policy we keep our prices competitive. We know from so many conversations with our customers how our low prices benefit them and their families. That's why we continue to offer our best rated service at affordable prices. Our advanced system starts at $28 per month, and truly is everything you'll need in a medical alert. We also provide affordable pricing on our fall detect add-on option & mobile GPS systems!

"We Care..." - It's not just our slogan, it's the philosophy that our business is built around. Your safety (or the safety of your loved one) is incredibly important to us! In fact, many of our Senior Safety team members use our Get Help Now medical alert to protect their parents or grandparents...