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Staying Active This Winter: What Seniors Can Do To Stay Busy

Winter is a beautiful time of year, with the snow-covered trees and freshly white grounds. Still, as an older individual, it can be scary. Ice, snow, and colder weather increase

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4 Fun Outdoors Activities Seniors Will Enjoy

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When you sign up for a GET HELP NOW medical alert, we send you a Vial of Life kit with your order, and we donate 10 life-saving kits to others in need. This means your order is not only a positive step towards the safety of your loved one, it also helps keep other seniors safe...

Most seniors recognize the importance of using a medical alert as they age. While these systems are an integral part of any solid safety plan, they are just one part. Whether you are one of our many happy GET HELP NOW customers or you’re with a different medical alert service, here are some important “next steps” to consider for your on-going safety...

What is the Vial of Life?

We send a Vial of Life kit to all of our new customers with their order. This kit allows them to prepare and store their medical information to be better prepared for emergencies. Turns out, having basic medical information allows firefighters, paramedics & EMTs to do an even better job of treating a patient. They’ll know important information like your allergies, medical history and more, and all this information can save your life!...