Getting started with a new medical alert in mom’s home is pretty straightforward. Setting up the equipment, testing and showing mom how to use her new emergency button is a breeze for most families. I truly think the most difficult part of all this is remembering to test your system monthly. In the short-term, remembering to test actually is easy. Most seniors are excited about their new system and enjoy testing it to see how it works. But as mom’s system becomes a normal thing for her around the house, remembering to test becomes more and more difficult...

Extra Protection this Winter

And while our office is located in Marina del Rey, California, where it never snows or even freezes, we know many of our customers deal with extreme winter conditions every year! Winter can be a dangerous time for seniors. Protecting yourself with a solid medical alert can help you to worry less about the obstacles and pitfalls that winter can bring... and help you start enjoying it for the wonderland it is!

If you've studied up on our fall alert system, you know that it comes with one button designed to detect falls AND your choice of a necklace or wristband standard button. The fall detection button is exclusively available as a necklace - for a good reason. It uses an accelerometer and gyroscope inside the button to monitor your movement. This allows it to activate during significant changes (that resemble a fall) while not activating during other day-to-day movements.

Your Contact List – <i>A Reason to Meet the Neighbors</i>

It's nice to know the neighbors for a number of reasons, whether that's "borrowing" an egg or a splash of milk while cooking or just making pleasant conversation. Some seniors have lived in the same neighborhood for many years and have a built in base of friends. Others may have recently moved and don't know the neighbors. If that's you, here's a great reason to bake some cookies to give to the neighbors: Your Medical Alert Contact List.

Medical alert technology is changing fast these days. Just a few years back, on-the-go protection like our mobile GPS systems wasn't even available... Now if you're an active senior, you can take your mobile help button with you wherever you go. Or if you spend more time at home, you can choose an in-home system with newer senior-friendly features! But what if you didn't have to choose?

Visiting family? Take your medical alert with you!

Flexibility is a big part of the service we provide. Many of our customers are snow birds, who will be packing their bags soon and moving south for the winter. And all of our customers cherish visiting and staying with friends and family no matter what time of year. We designed our Senior Safety service so that it doesn't get in the way of your life. When you feel the need to pack up and go, we want to be right there with you. That's why we make relocating your service to a new address as easy as possible!

One of the biggest differences from one mobile GPS service to the next is whether or not it utilizes "breadcrumbs." Many people make their decision on price alone and will never know what breadcrumbs are or why they are so important to a mobile service. Turns out that if a company doesn't offer breadcrumbs with their service, it's not in their best interest to tell you what you're missing...

One Step Set-Up with our No Landline Home Alert

For so many of our senior customers, ease of use is an important part of their long-term success with their medical alert. Once set up, all of our in-home systems are incredibly user-friendly - even for seniors as they age. But sometimes seniors need a little more help getting things set up in their home. While all of our medical alerts for seniors are easy to plug in and come with straightforward set-up instructions, our cellular system easily surpasses the rest.

It's important when searching for a system for your senior loved one to research beyond the names you see on the TV or in magazines. While that advertising money might mean that they are one of the largest providers, it does not automatically make them the best fit for your mom's situation. Nowadays, everyone has heard of Life Alert. They are a household name like Kleenex or Coke, and Life Alert for medical alert systems.

Waterproof Help Buttons (Not Water-Resistant)

There's a lot of different terminology to learn when choosing a senior alert system. One excellent example is "waterproof" versus "water-resistant" help buttons. What do these terms mean? They seem awfully similar to someone who is unfamiliar with systems like this. Ultimately, we recommend that seniors and their families look for systems that come with waterproof buttons...